Tableware from Hachirohei Kitami Shoten

We are a lacquer specialty store that focuses on “easy to use”. We propose “easy-to-use containers” that add color to your daily life. “The first container that a child picks up” “Vessels that are easy to use even if you become a grandpa or grandma” “Even if people are born old and physically handicapped, I want them to be happy when they enjoy their meals.” We have inherited, spun, and connected the utensils that enrich the scene of your dining table, and have become today’s utensils. If you serve food, you will be full of happiness.

Kitami Hachirohei Shoten is a store specializing in Aizu lacquerware, founded in 1852, located in Kitakata City, Fukushima Prefecture. Aizu lacquerware has a long history of more than 500 years since the Muromachi period. In the background of its history, it is thought that the clumps of wisdom of the predecessors became the foundation, and it is a gift that has been connected, spun, and connected throughout the local area. Surrounded by mountains, the land is rich in timber and lacquer trees, and the simple and strong temperament of the Aizu people nurtured craftsmen who are rich in craftsmanship. rice field.